Saline Sulphate Etchings.

For some time now I have been making etchings using saline sulphate and the result have been improving all the time, ever since I started printmaking in 2009 i have never been content with any of the attempts at etching, I blundered through with the grounds and the etching needles and been dismayed as the images produced. Lately the context of my practice has re-assessed the geometric, drawn line aesthetic of my work in relation to my ideology of abstraction, the moiré effect is one outcome of this, another is the constructed geometric emerging by intuitive drawing using ruler and compass. These contextualise the grid, perspective and spacial awareness. By using the newer acrylic resists and aquatints available combined with the saline etch I have begun to make  forward steps in my etching methods and prints. constructive-geometry-1

Now I look to Electro etching with guidance from the excellent Don Braisby, using steel but continuing with the acrylic resists and aquatint.

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