Entangled Prints

This new series of prints for 2021 marks a new direction in the process of making work. Utilising the potential of drawing and painting with both a computer and iPad, we see a change in the post print idea forming. these technologies allow Nigel to convince drawings accurately and quickly which would take several days to make, using these graphic computer drawn images extends where the line element of the work can go, as always the organic nature of the practice means the work is ever loving and changing.

Follow the line and see where its takes you.

In the Moment 40 x 30 cm Relief print Edition of 8
Black Burrow 60 x 42 Relief print Edition of 4
Yellow Burrow 60 x 42 cm Relief print
Edition of 8
Fable Green 60x 40n cm Relief Print
Fable Gray 60x40cm Relief Print