Nigel is a visual artist working in North Wales in the UK making paintings and prints. He has a developing interest in the sculptural forms of these disciplines. The focus of the work is to produce art that is visually interesting, but has more to offer than a pleasant object to look at. Current themes evident in the work include the relationship of image as writings and text as images. The manipulation images through moiré distortion and the dot matrix systemic association of structure and composition, colour and line.


“I like my art to play with our visual senses, to challenge our experience of looking, to help the viewer question what they see in a piece of art.”


He is the print facilitator at The Regional Print Centre In Wrexham, North Wales teaching printmaking through courses and workshops. He recently completed an MA in Fine Art Studio Practice at the University of Central Lancashire, prior to this studied at The University of Chester and Edinburgh College of Art. He worked as an artist producing murals and decorative painting effects for over 25 years before that, travelling across the world. His paintings and prints have been purchased by art lovers in France, Ireland, The USA, the Channel Islands and the UK mainland.